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Privacy Policy

At Everyday Performance, our commitment to your privacy and the confidentiality of your personal information is paramount. When you become a patient, we collect your contact details, including your email and phone number, primarily to send appointment confirmations and reminders. Additionally, we need to have your current address on file for our legal medical records.

Understanding your medical history is crucial for providing safe and informed treatment during your consultations. However, we assure you that your contact and medical information remain confidential and are never shared without your explicit permission. This includes situations where we might need to communicate with your GP or other healthcare professionals for further investigations or tests. In such cases, we will seek your consent every time we need to share any information.

In complex cases, osteopaths often consult with each other. If your case requires such consultation, Dr. Tejovra will request your permission to discuss it with colleagues while keeping your information anonymous.

If we need to contact you and you're unavailable, our phone messages will be crafted to ensure no personal information is disclosed; we will simply ask you to return our call.

Finally, we strictly prohibit the sale, sharing, or discussion of your details with any outside organization. Your contact information is used exclusively for matters directly related to your treatment at Everyday Performance, ensuring that your privacy is always protected.

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